Executive Search
We provide professional consulting
services in the multidisciplinary human resources and management areas,
especially in the placement of middle, top management...find out more.




Market Mapping
What do you think if you would know that you can find all best candidates from the specific market, in a reasonable time and buget? Executive Market Mapping provides the clients with a fine tuning market...find out more.


Market Research
Qualitative B2B Market Research gets behind the facts and figures to find out how people feel about products and what prompts them to spend...find out more.



salary survey 2

Salary surveys collect information about employees compensation, including salary and fringe benefits and...find out more.


Career Counseling
The Employment/Career Counseling projects started in 2013, when the "Candidate" became the "Client". Since we didn’t have an open assignment for that time being, we tried ...find out more.